Friday, September 16, 2016

626-657-8787| Pasadena Termite Eradication Tent Fumigation Inspection

626-657-8787| Pasadena Termite Eradication 

Tent Fumigation Inspection

Pasadena Homeowner Save On Tenting 

Drywood Termites are the talk of the season. Why? It's Termite season and homeowner put the termite issue off every year and hope the little critters will go away.
That is not going to happen. These insects will continue for many years undisturbed.  So it is critical that a property evaluation is done to determine if you need to termite to exterminate your property with a fumigation gas to get rid of.

 Pasadena Owners 50% -Off Tenting

If your home is being attacked by other insect and you have tried to take care of it yourself with limited success it may be time to consider a professional to manage the pest you want to get rid of.

Give us a call for Pest and Termite service!

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